Lori Nelson-Martin | Therapies
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integrated therapy

Integrative work involves the combination of both bodywork and counseling. In sessions, I draw from several bodywork and body centered counseling modalities fusing together a session that meets you where you are, addressing the needs and issues that you bring in.  The work we do together is about generating positive movement in stuck situations, bringing ease to the process of change, creating space for new possibilities, healing the whole self, increasing ease in your body, changing unhealthy physical and emotional patterns. Note that this work is appropriate for clients who have already had successful experience with both counseling and bodywork and is not billable to insurance.

counseling & psychotherapy

These terms often used interchangeably and they involve entering into a professional relationship to focus on your emotional concerns. There are many reasons to enter into therapy including the need for support, difficulties in your life, trauma, or problems rooted in the past. Psychotherapy helps work with relevant aspects of your difficulties and strengths as well as provides a container for growth and greater well being.



Hellerwork Structural Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, and Energy Work are the main modalities that I draw from in bodywork sessions. Assessment, structural manipulation, movement education, dialogue and energetic work may be part of your session. This work helps you make the connection between body alignment, tension patterns, movement and personal well being.